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Florida Water

Florida Water

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Florida Water is a traditional cologne used for cleansing and spirit work.


Here’s some ways you can use Florida Water.


  1. Put some in your mop water and mop your floors. (This will get rid of negative energy)
  2. Put some in your oil diffuser to help cleanse the air in the room
  3. Use to cleanse your crystals
  4. Put some in a spray bottle and use it as a air freshener
  5. When washing clothes, sprinkle some in with your clothes. (This will remove negative energy)
  6. Wipe your door and windowsills down with it, This will keep all negative energy  out.
  7. Cleanse your altar


Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, This florida water is not drink, Please keep away from children. Florida Water may contains ingredients that you may be allergic to. Please read the ingredients before purchasing. This Florida Water is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you experience any irritation when using this product please stop using it immediately.

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Customer Reviews

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Lynette Harewood
Florida water

I love the smell. I use this in my humidifier and i mop my floors with it. It leaves my house smelling and feeling so fresh.